Likeminds is a two night, three day conference in the Catskills centered on the intersections of technology, design, and music. The theme for 2018 was “Exchanges”. We decided to create a series of photos and videos that embodied the energy of the process of creation.

Sing-Sing created miniature architectural models, and with one simple action we filmed the models' destruction. Editing this in reverse, the viewer sees a whole world transforming and coming together to end on a clean, orderly composition. 

We also created 20 photographs to pair with the videos to use on social media and the web. 


Creative Direction: Sing-Sing
Music Composition & Sound Design: John Daniel Bowers
Graphic Design: Tina Miyakawa


Collaborative studio of
Adi Goodrich Designer & Sean Pecknold Director
Call us today on STUDIO@SING-SING.CO