Japan & Finland Bathroom Tour, 1978

Japan & Finland Bathroom Tour

Inspired by Adi’s favorite room in any building, the bathroom became the muse of this concept shoot. This is a story of a woman on a self-guided tour of Japanese and Finnish bathrooms during the coolest year we can imagine, 1978. This was a personal project for our own amusement. Friends got together in a hot studio and made magic. Also, wigs worn backwards look pretty good, FYI. 

Japan & Finland Bathroom Tour
Japan & Finland Bathroom Tour

Photography & Set Design: Adi Goodrich / Sing-Sing
Producer: Ange Beckum
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Warn
Lighting: Rasmus Jensen
Set Build: Dustin Ruegger
Hair: Whitney Schields
Makeup: Heather Cvar
EQ Donation: Milk

Japan & Finland Bathroom Tour

Collaborative studio of
Adi Goodrich Designer & Sean Pecknold Director
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