This is a video about always wanting to be somewhere else. We made it on a Saturday at the Happy Lion with some of our best buds.

Director: Sean Pecknold
Photography: Sean Pecknold & Adi Goodrich
Animation: Sean Pecknold & Adi Goodrich
Narration: Rosemary Alldred
Title Design: Jeremiah Chiu
Sound Design: Daniel Eaton
Friend 1: Andy Bruntel
Friend 2: John Bowers
Friend 3: Jeremiah Chiu
Friend 4: Marta Sofia Honer
Friend 5: Becki Chernoff
Friend 6: Paul Windle
Friend 7: Ange Beckum
Friend 8: Aaron Beckum
Friend 9: Wen Beckum
Friend 10: Burgerlords