A photography campaign created with Mistress (The Many) for Chambord featuring a matching team of women with overgrown bangs - and why overgrown bangs? Because, no reason!

This was part of a larger campaign; ‘Because No Reason’ -  which encouraged people to do what they liked, for no other reason that they liked to. An attitude inspired by the product itself – a pink liqueur, with a brilliantly flamboyant bottle, which is utterly itself, utterly unapologetic and utterly French.


Photography & Set Design by: Sing-Sing / Adi Goodrich & Sean Pecknold

Agency: Mistress (The Many)

Production : Meghan Gallagher / Connect the Dots

Hair: Chanel Croker

Makeup: Erin Walters

Wardrobe: Katrina Rumford

Manicurist: Marissa Carmichael

Art Lead: Dustin Ruegger

Art Coordinator: Drofn Snoradottir

Lighting Design: Gregory Brouillette

Decorator: Melissa Cripe